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Photo: Mikael Kristensen, CITIES/DTU

In connection with the Nordic Clean Energy Week, CITIES participates in an exciting policy workshop in Copenhagen. In the UN City of Marmormolen in Copenhagen, CITIES participates with professor Henrik Madsen as chair of a policy workshop under the heading “How to get a 100% renewable energy system? Developing the flexibility we need by integrating energy systems”

The Energy Systems Integration (ESI) Program of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), the Technical University of Denmark’s Center for IT Intelligent Energy Systems (CITIES) and the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) are organizing a workshop on the role of Energy Systems Integration in absorbing large volumes of variable renewable energy sources in Copenhagen in the afternoon of May 24, 2018. The workshop, at which energy sector representatives and academics will exchange ideas, is organized alongside the Clean Energy Ministerial and the Nordic Clean Energy Week.

The workshop program will contain four key note speakers and four panelists who are active in the energy sector from industry, academy and policy makers. Each key note speaker will be followed by a discusser from EERA. We would like to invite you to join this workshop and exchange ideas on “How to get to a 100% renewable energy system”.

The workshop is organized by CITIES, EERA ESI JP and ESIG.

You can sign up here and see complete program for the day (free access):

Direct link:

The workshop starts at 12.30 and ends at 17.45.

Adress: UNEP – UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen.

#NCEW2018 is the official hashtag for the Nordic Clean Energy Week 2018.


Mikael Kristensen   Kommunikationsmedarbejder  at DTU institut for matematik og computer science
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