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Earlier this week, Professor and Centre Leader at DTU Compute Henrik Madsen was awarded with the prize for the best Senior Presentation at the 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems in Copenhagen.

The presentation ’Perspective in Using Meter Data for Temperature Optimization’ was based on knowledge from the project CITIES, Smart Cities Accelerator, IDASC (Intelligent data-anvendelse i Smart Cities), Heat 4.0, and FED.

The presentation was so exciting and well communicated that Henrik Madsen won the prize of 1000 Euro sponsored by Kamstrup.

The nomination was justified by ”his (Henrik Madsens, red.) enthusiasm is still fully alive after all the years of experience. He keeps pushing the boundaries of control methods.”

Professor Henrik Madsen was very pleased and surprised by the award for his presentation.

The point of the theme in the presentation is that ‘data is gold’.

“With new meters and frequent meter readings we are finally at a stage where we can benefit from a next generation of tools for forecasting and control based on data-analytics and machine learning,” he says.

“We have demonstrated that this gives new possibilities for smart control of low temperature district heating. This new generation of district heating systems will pave for an acceleration of the green transitions with more efficient supply, better use of heat pumps and excess heat, and for unlocking the flexibility in DH systems needed for the fossil free energy system,” Henrik Madsen says.

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions, so Henrik Madsen’s presentation resonated with the companys interest.

“Henrik’s presentation was an excellent example on the potential for increased digitalization in the DH industry. Temperature optimization based on real time data from smart meters makes it possible to operate the network closer to the limits and is thus a key enabler to lower the temperature levels in a DH system. And lower temperatures is a necessity for integrating large amounts of waste heat and renewable energy in the system,” says Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Product Management – Solutions in Heat/Cooling Division at Kamstrup.

Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Product Management – Solutions in Heat/Cooling Division at Kamstrup (left) and Professor and Centre Leader Henrik Madsen.

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